Blockchain- The Next Revolution.

Blockchain is the only technology that can change the world of finance, healthcare, IoT and many more.


Let’ start. First, what is “Blockchain”?

Blockchain is a chain of block in a shared, immutable and distributed ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions secured by cryptography. We can also track assets using blockchain technology.

Important features of Blockchain

  1. Distributed ledger.
  2. Immutable data.
  3. Smart Contracts.
  4. Secured by cryptography.
  5. Transparency.
  6. Asset tracking facility.

Use of Blockchain:

  1. As a digital currency (Crypto Currency).
  2. NFT(Non fungible token).
  3. Healthcare Industry.
  4. Financial Industry (DeFi).
  5. IoTs.
  6. Voting Process.
  7. Energy Sector.
  8. Supply Chain Management.

Disadvantages of Blockchain:

  1. Energy Consumption.
  2. More Hardware Required.
  3. Slow Network.


Blockchain is not a fully matured technology, a lot of research is happening in this field. Companies are pouring money like crazy. Big organization over the world like IBM , working on blockchain.

Some Resources, Investopedia, Wikipedia for further information.

Thank you.

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